Delicious Hanoi specialties are hard to resist

1. Pho
Pho Hanoi is easy to have since nearly a hundred years ago. Having eaten through pho, many people have also become "addicted", a very poignant "addiction".

From a distance, I saw the glass of the glass displaying some green onion, adding red chili and a bowl of sliced ​​meat. The aroma of fragrant broth, fragrant, standing up to about 20 meters away, has smelled the belly roll. Calling a bowl of pho, sitting in a chair looking at the seller who has cut the cake and slicing the meat, then opening the pot of boiling water and putting the noodles into the bowl is also an interesting thing. Pho is available, adding sliced ​​raw beef, and quickly scooping up the hot broth, the meat is instantly ripe. Depending on taste, people can add vinegar, kumquat or chili.

One of the biggest and most delicious pho bowls belongs to the broth. The water used must be kept from bones and fruits, generally a heirloom dish, each with a different flavor, each with its own unique. With a little taste of good broth, bite a piece of soft noodle cake with a rich piece of sweet meat that people can understand, that the name of Hanoi specialties or Asian delicacies is not perverse.

2. Fish ball
This dish is made from selected lentils, the fish must be big and firm. Choose lentils because this is a type of fish that contains many nutrients, sweet meat but less bone.

Cut pieces of fish so that you can eat them, marinate them with spices, and cook them on charcoal. On the dining table, there are herbs, fresh vermicelli, shrimp paste and fish frying pan. Fish will be fried together with dill, enjoy hot sauce always, thus keeping the essence of this dish.

Wait for the fried fish to be hot again, take out the bowl of the bowl and add it to the little onion, little dill, little peanut roasted, a little tangled vermicelli and sprinkled with all kinds of delicious shrimp paste, ... is the standard. A piece of taste enough, which is salty sweetness of fish, aroma of dill, fresh vermicelli, peanuts of peanuts and flavored shrimp paste make customers want to eat forever.

Fish ball, in addition to the lean, lean meat, guests can call for a round plate of round fish, crunchy eating. Can also be called a bit of variation for strange, funny.

3. Bun thang
The process of making this dish to display for diners is indeed quite a feat, so it is said that eating bun thang is only eaten in Hanoi, and bun thang is one of Hanoi's famous dishes that is infallible. . Vermicelli variety of many ingredients: laksa leaves, train smell, chicken meat slices, Thai silk rolls, shrimp paste, Thai fried chicken eggs, a little bit of shrimp sauce, ... spread evenly over white vermicelli. Vermicelli is also sophisticated, it is a new, small and small bun. Water used to make noodles from chicken bones, add dried squid to sweet. Ninh water must be smart, so that the clear liquid, sweet and still up.

It will be a bowl of vermicelli and it is a warm heart. It is very beautiful and elaborate with rice vermicelli, like an extension fan, each flap is a kind of color, a different kind of dish: green onions, white of meat, spring rolls, golden seedlings of fried eggs, ... Where the prawn is far away, Hanoi aims to display delicious taste!

4. Bun cha
A full capacity includes: pure white tangled vermicelli, sweet and sour sauce bowl, available with slices of suo and carrot, add some fragrant grilled patties, scent of pepper, golden brown color of charcoal fire, saucer Fresh and raw fresh vegetables. Sounds simple, doesn't it, eating a piece of vermicelli, a piece of sauce, a bite of a bite, and adding some vegetables to the mixture is enough for the whole day to sip. The ingenuity of Hanoi cuisine is not really a complicated processing stage but rather the seasoning seasoning season, enough, really up the smell and really fit.

6. Bun bean shrimp sauce
One of the delicious and exquisite dishes of Ha Thanh people is bean vermicelli. Dishes that are served at a simple sidewalk can be served at luxury restaurants. The simple dish is so thoughtful, it is not sure to absorb the delicious taste of the dish, only crispy fried young peas, spring rolls, and taste, there are more boiled meat, fried spring rolls, and pleasurable customers. Yet, from the very harmony of very simple things, it makes such a beautiful dish.

No matter how society develops, vermicelli is still a school food that has survived for decades, but the steak or pasta is never a substitute. Sitting at the sidewalk, calling for noodle soup, served with delicious shrimp sauce, adding some herbs, talking to a couple of sentences is too great.