Tips on exploring Hanoi from foreign newspapers

Visiting the Museum of Ethnology, exploring historic sites, walking around Hoan Kiem Lake or enjoying the street coffee is what the NewZealand Herald tells you when you arrive in Hanoi.

The NewZealand Herald on March 26 has written articles on tips for visiting Hanoi in Vietnam. At the same time, the newspaper also offers visitors attractive beverages in the capital thousands of years of civilization.

Enjoy coffee

Vietnam's "legacy" of coffee has since the war against the French. To date, Vietnam has become the second largest country in the world for coffee production and export. Stop at a bar by the Hanoi capital and enjoy a tasty coffee.

If you are really a coffee fan, call a black coffee. If you want to test the bitterness of this drink, a cup of brown coffee (milk coffee) is a reasonable choice.

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